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    Fund aim:
    We help to gather donations to “Grant Life” Fund.
    Its aim is to help children with cancer, hematological and other serious diseases. The fund was founded in November 2006. It gathers monthly about $1,4 million. Fund website:

    Why we are doing this:
    1) In our opinion, unlike the rest of the world, charity in Russia isn’t enough developed now and is only in its embryonic state. We’re trying to encourage charity development in Russia, including attraction of foreign contributions.
    2) Now the major part of Russian charity funds has some restrictions of minimum donation amount (about 5 USD). That’s why we propose to donate no more than that amount. If you want to donate more, we propose to do it yourself on fund website In this way all the amount will be sent to children.

    Donation amount
    To make a donation, download a paid program for 1, 3 or 5 USD at Android.Market (click one of the buttons below).
    According to Android.Market rules, about 30% cost of any program is transferred to Google. 1% of amount we’ll use for the development of this and other programs for gathering charity donations. That’s why, unfortunately, we’ll be able to send to the fund only 69% of your donation.

    On a monthly basis, since we collect the first 100$, the donation amount to “Grant Life” will be published on website with reference to fund documents.

    Thanks for your donation!

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