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    CHECK_IN is a simple application that allows you to send your current location to your loved ones. With one click you can send an SMS text message to as many friends and family as you like. It uses your phone's GPS to locate your position and Google maps to provide an address. You can provide a message that will be sent with your position and the time the message is sent. As an example, lets say you are leaving work and going home to your family. You simpily press the app icon on the home screen and your message is sent letting your wife know you will be home soon. The message includes the time you are leaving and the GPS coordinates. The person receiving the message can click on the GPS coordinates and see a map of where you currently are. This is great for kids to let their parents know where they are and the time they are Checking In. This application can also be used to track where the user has been throughout the day. By using your own cell number, you can record the time you are at a specific location (within the accuracy of your phone's location device , of course). The use of this app couldn't be easier. The first time you start the app a screen appears that allows you to enter a short message and the cell phone number of the person you want to Check In with. It also allows you to check if you would like the phone to auto send your message from then on. You save this information by hitting the Save button and then the main screen appears. The initial CheckIn icon is blue while the phone communicates with your GPS device. When it has your current location, the icon turns red. Pick the red icon and you are presented with your address book, from which you can choose people to send your message and location to. You can repeat the picking of the red icon as many times as you like and send to as many as you want. You will notice that the message you are sending is printed out on the screen for varification. When you have sent your messages, you can hit the exit button. That's all there is to it. If you checked the Auto Send box in the settings menu (first screen), every time (after this first time) that you pick the app icon it will send the last message that you saved with your new location and time. The real beauty of this app is it's ease of use. Many other apps can acheive this functionality, but not with this ease of use. If you want to send a message every day to the same person, one button click is all that is required. If you want to send your message to a few people, it requires 2-3 button clicks per person.
    Though this app was conceived as a simple way to put a loved one's mind at ease when you are away from home, I think there will be more uses that can be thought of. Just an idea would be to use the app as an electronic bulletin board for your family. Easily send a message of where you are going to be thoughout the day. Going to the store, be back in an hour. Arrived for my appointment. As a parent, I always worry about where my kids are. What better way for them to let you know where and at what time they arrive at an activity. If you become worried about them, you can use the location messages to track where they traveled throughout the day.