Check Your Chick Calculator



This app was developed with men in mind; obviously. It's not to be taken seriously, hence the app's creator is not responsible for any negative consequences that arises out of using the Check Your Chick App. This app is for entertainment purposes fellas!!!!!!

Now that we have all of the serious stuff out of the way. This app is for you men who have a lady, spouse, mate, friends with benefits, or whatever the case may be, who has the tendency of working your very last nerve. So much so, you need a break from her from time to time, however, you're not too sure about just how long the break needs to be.

If your woman has a problem with understanding that her words and or actions warrant her getting Checked, then perhaps you need help with calculating just how long she needs a break from having you around!!

Thus we present to you, the Check Your Chick App.

Let this app help you with determining just how long you get a break from her!!

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