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Bored in the city? Want to know what friends are doing? Where exactly are they? And where actually are all the girls?

1. Sing in with Facebook account
2. Browse suggested events
3. Check girls or boys who are going to attend
4. Mark events to be notified before they start
5. Mark anyone to track their plans in the future


With this offline application, you keep an eye on facebook events and your friends' plans. You can check out who you can meet at the party. Find out if there will be more women and how they actually look like.

Even more, if you find something interesting, you can bookmark it and stay informed. And if find "someone" interesting, bookmark her and you might "accidentally" encounter her. This application recommends events based. Our algorithm is based on your Facebook friends and their plans. It automatically synchronizes. So while you're in the city, you do not have to connect to know what is happening. So install app and don't miss anything and anyone interesting.

We suggest events based on your friends and their plans. We offer you offline access to facebook events and people who are attending these events. You can easily watch your friends and other facebook users and surprise them at birthday parties or even random event in the city.

With this app you can:
Browse suggested events offline
Browse women and men attending events
Browse people who are somewhere out
Browse friends and watch their plans
Bookmark events to track them
Bookmark women or men to track them

Use your facebook account to sign in and we will synchronize everything automatically. We work only with events and public data available on facebook. This app makes you a successful party animal or stalker :).

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