Clean Thess



Let's clean up the city of Thessaloniki!

✓ Are you bored to see the problem; perhaps even know its solution, but no one to share it with?

✓ Don’t you get angry when it is said “this is not my job, somebody else or the authorities should care and solve it?”

✓ Don’t you want to get out your sofa and act? Do you want to become an active citizen but to do it beyond the trite groups, through a group of people that share the same views with you? What is even greater is will be to do it as often as you want and for whatever you want!

✓ And the best: Do you want to have transparency and reporting on the quality of the public services that are connected with the urban area of Thessaloniki?

Well, if you say “yes” to the most of these questions, then Clean Thess is an open challenge - invitation for you!


Developed by George Piskas -

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