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Crowdroid is a multifunction Twitter and Weibo client. You can not only use Twitter, but also use Sina Weibo,Tencent Weibo,Sohu Weibo, Renren and Crowdroid for Business.

Meanwhile, Crowdroid has additional functions such as Tweet Translation, voice input, tweet to multiply microblogging services at the same time, wallpaper change, font size change, and image upload.

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[Update history]
●2014/10/11 Crowdroid 3.6.4
- Added saving the draft function.
- Improved the screen refresh function on the top page.
- Other improvements and bug fixes.

●2014/7/28 Crowdroid 3.6.3
- Further improved the method of network communication.
- Fixed other bugs.

Because Sohu Weibo has the authentication problem, so Crowdroid cannot register the new user on their platform.

●2014/5/7 Crowdroid 3.6.2
- Added to support OAuth 2.0 authentic method of Tencent Weibo.
- Added to support the group function of CFB
- Other bug fix.

●2014/2/14 Crowdroid 3.6.1
- Further improved the method of network communication
- Further optimized for Android 4.4
- Fixed other bugs.

●2014/1/28 Crowdroid 3.6.0
- Picture upload function changed to use the Twitter official API.
- Further improved the off-line reading function.
- Upgrade the Baidu translation feature.
- Further optimized to support the many type of resolution.
- Further improved the communication method.
- Fixed other bugs.

●2014/1/17 Crowdroid 3.5.2
Updated the communication method of twitter.

●2013/12/6 Crowdroid 3.5.1
1. Optimized for Android 4.4.
2. Added the off-line reading mode
3. Added the function that user can delete any data that got in the off-line mode.
4. Improved the DM function in CFB.
5. Added a comment list on a tweet page in CFB.
6. Delete the limitation of uploading the file size in CFB.
7. Improved the schedule function in CFB.
8. Added the error message when user will upload the file over than each service limitation.
9. Other bugs are fixed.

●2013/10/17 Crowdroid 3.5.0
1) Improved the UI and UX (Home, Settings and so forth)
2) Long click an any tweet, user can select 'Retweet','Comment', 'Favorite' and so forth.
3) Long click the 'Messaging' button, users can select directly sending 'tweet' or 'direct message'.
4) Added the feature that user can set the 'not subject time' of notification.
5) If the user is on the direct message page, the user can send the direct message from the menu button on their mobile phone.

-Bug Fix
1) Fixed multi registration problem on each Weibo.
2) Fixed the multi user registration problem on each Weibo.
3) Fixed the registration problem on Netease Weibo.
4) Changed the save location of picture(s) or file(s) as follows.(File(s) => /sdcard/crowdroid/attach/、 Picture(s) => /sdcard/crowdroid/pic/)
5) Fixed the problem of LBS function on Sina Weibo.
6) Fixed the file and picture download problem on CFB.
7) Deleted the 'RT List' function on Twitter.
8) Fixed other bugs.

●2013/5/17 Crowdroid 3.4.0

●2013/1/29 Crowdroid 3.3.3

●2012/12/31 Crowdroid 3.3.2

●2012/11/21 Crowdroid 3.3.1

●2012/10/22 Crowdroid 3.3.0

●2012/6/29 Crowdroid 3.2.1

●2012/5/31 Crowdroid 3.2.0

●2012/5/4 Crowdroid 3.1.0

●2012/4/1 Crowdroid 3.0.1

●2012/3/20 Crowdroid 3.0.0

●2012/1/11 Crowdroid 2.6.1

●2011/12/20 Crowdroid 2.6.0

●2011/11/28 Crowdroid 2.5.1

●2011/11/4 Crowdroid 2.5.0

●2011/10/8 Crowdroid 2.4.1

●2011/9/30 Crowdroid 2.4.0

●2011/8/5 Crowdroid 2.3.0

●2011/7/18 Crowdroid 2.2.1

●2011/5/31 Crowdroid 2.2.0

●2011/3/18 Crowdroid v2.1.0

●2011/2/25 Crowdroid v2.0.2

●2010/2/18  Crowdroid v2.0.1

●2010/2/2  Crowdroid v2.0.0

●2010/12/20 Crowdroid v1.5.2

●2010/12/8 Crowdroid v1.5.1

●20/11/10 Crowdroid v1.5.0

●2010/10/29 Crowdroid v1.4.0

●2010/9/21 Crowdroid v1.3.0

●2010/9/7  Crowdroid v1.2.0

●2010/8/23 Crowdroid v1.1.0

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Recently changed in this version

・Added saving the draft function.
・Improved the screen refresh function on the top page.
・Other improvements and bug fixes.

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