Daters Nearby

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    Dating - back to basics and simple!
    After signing up and setting your current location, you can see the nearest 150 singles around you. You can send mails and arrange to meet up - that's all!

    We think that only by actually meeting people in real life, you will know if this person could be your soulmate.

    No fees to get extra features inside app!

    Daters Nearby vs. Daters Nearby Free Edition
    Daters Nearby Free Edition: Daters Nearby Free Edition do not allow you to see user pictures.

    After signing up, you have to set your location manually or automatically.

    You can set your current location in two different ways by using:

    "My Status" > "Update location"
    "Settings" > "Update type" > "Automatically".

    If this process takes a long time, it is because your phone has a hard time communicating with the satellites! Try to move near a window or go outside.

    For security reasons we give you the possibility to blur your precise location. To do that go to: "My Status" > "Update location" > Mark "Blurred Location"

    To avoid any potential dangerous situations, we ALWAYS reccomend to meet in public and crowded palces until you know the person you meet with.

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