A client app for the Delicious bookmarking service.

With the Delicious relaunch, many old features of Delicious have been removed or changed. Many of these changes have not been reflected in the API, so at the moment, there's nothing I can do as far as fixing DeliciousDroid.

What should be working:

* Bookmark sync (though it may be limited to the last 1000).
* Tag sync.
* Bundle sync.
* Contact sync.
* Popular/hotlist (though Avos is treating these lists as the same now, and they don't appear to have changed in a while).
* Network feeds.

What isn't working:

* Tags with spaces. Avos (out of nowhere) changed tag delimiters to commas instead of spaces, but didn't update the API to match. If none of your tags have spaces, and if you use commas between tags when you save a bookmark, then it should work.
* Only the first 50 tags (by count) can be retrieved.

I have emailed Avos and posted on their forum all the issues that I have found. Hopefully they get around to fixing them soon.


-Add, edit, view, and delete bookmarks
-View bookmark bundles
-Sync bookmarks and contacts
-Home screen widget
-Search titles, tags, and notes
-Open source:
-Bug reports:

PLEASE, if you have suggestions or bug reports let me know by email or open an issue. PLEASE don't leave them in the comments. I can't respond to comments to ask follow up questions or troubleshoot. Thanks.

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