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    Digi Friend Finder helps you stay on top of the whereabouts of friends and family. Whether you’re looking for friends nearby to share a fun evening out with or need to be able to quickly send out a call for help to trusted contacts during emergency situations - this is the app for you.

    1. Locate the current whereabouts of friends and family instantly or schedule automated location searches according to specific days and times (appears on a detailed map)

    2. Be located by friends and family with access to the app and service

    3. Control your privacy:
    - Grant permission for others to find your location
    - Hide your location from others

    PANIC ALERT (Android 4.0 and above only):

    1. If you’re in trouble, send an instant emergency alert requesting for assistance together with your current location details to your emergency contacts who are Digi subscribers
    - Sent as an SMS to contacts without the app
    - Sent as in-app and push notifications to contacts with the app

    2. Assign trusted friends and family as emergency contacts on your Panic List

    3. Receive Panic Alerts on your app from friends and family if you are an emergency contact on their Panic List

    **Note: Digi Friend Finder uses the Digi cell network together with GPS positioning on your phone to ensure the most accurate and dependable location results.

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