Discussions is a premier mobile online discussion forum app and community for Android! The best source of social news, chat, friends, and messaging. As an all inclusive mobile forum community, the Discussions forums features the following forum categories:

Ape Apps
Body Building and Fitness
Hobbies and Interests
Role Playing
Video Games
and more!

And while Discussions is primarily a mobile forum community, there are other social oriented features as well. Social is a mobile chat room for quick conversations. And the private conversation feature lets you and a group of users take things private. Each user also gets their own personal forum called their wall that they are the administrator of. You also get a personal profile with color and other customization options.

Discussions is based on the powerful phpBB forum software, and can be accessed online through your web browser at http://discussions.ape-apps.com . The Discussions app is built on the power of the popular Forum Fiend app, which is in turn powered by the Tapatalk Community Reader API.

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