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Diwali is biggest and the brightest of all Hindu festivals. It's the festival of lights (deep = light and avali = a row i.e., a row of lights) that's marked by four days of celebration, which literally illumines the country with its brilliance, and dazzles all with its joy.

Diwali is celebrated through festive fireworks, lights, flowers, sharing of sweets and worship of Goddess Laxmi. It’s the time to send beautiful Diwali greetings to your friends, relatives, loved ones, colleagues and business partners.

Diwali Greetings application is the best way to share best wishes of diwali with your beloved ones.

Using Diwali Greetings share greetings on Facebook, Google+ and Gmail.

Diwali Greetings features:
Share greeting on Facebook instantly
Share greetings on Google+ quickly
Send greetings via Gmail.

Enjoy Diwali Greetings and celebrate diwali with lots of joy and happiness.

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