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    Published: 2014-01-09, by .

    Streamlined internet browsing that automatically deletes all record of your history

    • Absolutely private browsing
    • Lightweight, minimalist design
    • No need to switch to "privacy mode"
    • None

    "Leave no trace"

    Sure, there are plenty of legitimate, totally SFW reasons why you would want a lightweight, no-frills browser that never records any of your internet history. For all of them - plus the obvious naughty use - Dolphin Browser's Dolphin Zero is the tool you want. It's the highest level of privacy possible, recording absolutely none of your actions or information.

    Ultra streamlined and minimalist, Dolphin Zero runs quietly in the background, available for your use whenever you'd rather not leave a digital trail of your digital doings. Entering top secret passwords or sensitive credit card information? There's no need to switch your usual browser to "privacy mode" - the Dolphin Zero app never keeps track of any information, ever. That includes basic browsing history, cache, passwords, cookies, form and input data, location information, and even favicons - nothing.

    As long as you don't take extra steps to save information to your device yourself, rest easy knowing your Grumpy Cat fixation remains a secret to anyone innocently browsing through your history.

    The design of the browser itself is super simple, consisting mainly of an unobtrusive gray search bar spanning the top of the screen.

    In an age where we're constantly broadcasting information, Dolphin Browser's Dolphin Zero is an elegant reassurance tool for hiding what ought to stay private from prying eyes.

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