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Objective of eMatch:
The main objective of eMatch is to help you find people with similar interests (potential friends) who happen to be in close geographical proximity with you at the time of use of the application. eMatch runs an algorithm which computes a matching percentage, estimating how close your interests match those of people currently using eMatch in your vicinity. Therefore, the more data you enter in your profile regarding your interests/hobbies/likes/dislikes, the more accurate the matching results will be.

What can you do with eMatch:
-You can create a personal profile in which you will enter your basic personal information (email, name, etc). The profile page includes interest categories, which you can rate depending on your personal preferences. Then, in each category (e.g., Movies) you can rate specific existing movies or add and rate new movies that you have a strong opinion on.
-You can find people who share your interests and can possibly become new friends.
-You can create a personal network with your friends.
-You can search for people you know by name email.
-You can communicate with your friends via instant messaging.

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