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Emergency Society is a social networking site for everyone in society to help prepare for emergency-related situations such as: earthquakes, floods, fires, hurricanes, tornadoes, tsunamis, blizzards, war, terrorism, personal crises and more. To prepare for the worst, we must band together as a society and begin developing a plan now. On our site you can choose to receive or give help as an Emergency Guardian, join or create emergency groups, and so much more. Natural disasters and emergencies are nearly always unexpected so we must organize our disaster preparation plans NOW in order to avoid panic and chaos when any emergency situations do take place. By working together, becoming Emergency Guardians, and pulling our own individual weight, we know that as a society, we can weather any storm.
> Features:
> Emergency Guardian
> Emergency Supplies
> Emergency News
> Emergency Groups
> Emergency Blogs, Forums, Photos, Videos and so much more!
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> Emergency, Survival, Guardian, FEMA, Red Cross, Emergency Supplies, Preperation, Emergency News, CERT, Volunteer

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