F1 Chat



Are you a F1 Fan? Looking for someone to talk to about your favourite interest?
F1 Chat App is a perfect app for you!
This simple chat app is created for F1 fans to discuss and talk about the world most expensive sport even when they are not able to involve in the sport. For example, you can be on the train or bus and all you need is to login to this Chat app and start chatting away with fans around the world.
Looking for some party members before you reach home from work? You can make party appointments using this chat app before you reach home and start your game!
-Simple chat interface with different pre-defined topic channels
-Login with Google or Facebook account and start chatting right away
-Simple FAQ page to help you set up your login chatting or turn on/off chat notifications
-Vote for your favourite F1 drivers
-F1 Video
Current Chat channels:
-1. Latest News
-2. Race Results
-3. F1 Race Teams
-4. F1 Drivers
-5. Wheels & Tyres
-6. Race Crashes
-7. Others

These are the channels that are currently pre-defined for relevancy to F1. If you think you really want to see more unique chat channels, please do review and feedback and we will look into adding it for the next update.
@@This app contains advertisements in order for the development team to be able to continue providing users with Free services@@