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    With FCSync, you can make sure that every single contact on your phone will stay updated with its image.

    How does it work?
    FCSync retrieves contact information from Facebook and places them on your phone's contacts. FCSync does not add new contacts on the device - it only adds to existing contacts.
    FCSync has two main sync options:

    1. Automatic Sync Tab:
    ∎ FCSync will automatically link between the Facebook's friend and the contact on the phone.
    ∎ Once FCSync finds a correct match, it will retrieve its information from Facebook and bring it to your phone.
    ∎ If FCSync cannot find a proper match to a contact; it will automatically move the name to Manual tab.

    2. Manual Sync Tab:
    This tab allows you to manage all the links between your phone contacts and your Facebook friend list.
    The tab includes a table of your linked and non-linked contacts, enabling you manage it.
    A linked record has a green light indication and the unmatched record has red light indicator.
    By pressing on item in list you can:

    ✓ Refresh – update contact with the current information from Facebook.

    ✓ Modify – Modify link between Facebook friend and the contact you choose manually.

    ✓ Delete Link – delete link between phone contact names and Facebook friends, preventing the record from syncing according to manual link.

    ∎ All the information in the table is saved in the application Database.

    Incremental Sync:
    If incremental sync enable, FCSync will sync only new contacts added to your phone since the last sync or contacts that have not yet been synced.
    As to the contacts that have no match, they will be sync again anyway.

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