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You are at Fisherman's Wharf in San Francisco and you are about to start your car towards Sausalito, but you want to know before you reach there if the place is too crowded for your liking.
Comes Finderous to your rescue. Fire a question at Sausalito, ask people already present there to send you images of the place, and lo, within minutes you get the "picture".

In a nutshell, Finderous is a multilevel location based Question and Answer app where you can post questions at city/county/state/country level depending upon the type of question. You can also add anonymous/public answers and follow other interesting questions and places.
Finally there is an app to get instant answers around a place.

Following are the prime features of Finderous:

1. Photos, Photos, Photos and Photos. Ask a question or post an answer/update around a place with a photo. Now Finderous supports camera. Choose a photo from you photo library or from a camera and fire away a question/info around a place.


2. Post anonymous/public questions and answers. If you have a question/info to ask from local people, you cannot simply do it on twitter/facebook as both their users are not necessarily local. Finderous provides you the tool to ask local anonymous/non-anonymous questions without friending or following a user.


3. Geo-Tag your post with any latitude/longitude. This means that you can be in San Francisco but you can post a question about Los Angeles without being physically present there. Great tool if you are going to travel there and have few questions to ask.


4. Image based question/posts. If you have info to pass on to the fellow travelers or people who are arriving at your location, the best way to do it using pictures. Use your camera and post an info message at your location.


5. You can choose city/county/state/country level to post your messages to appeal to an appropriate size of the audience.


6. Follow Places and Questions.

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