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    Flickr Image Search is the application which can search photos in Flickr with various search conditions, bookmark photos you like and organize those photos with photo folders.

    [Query List]
    - Create a new query which consists of search conditions: tags/freewords, tagmode, sort, upload date, taken date and geographical info.
    - Search photos in Flickr with a query you created.
    - Show the search results: thumbnail, title, description and the number of comments.
    - Show a resizable image which you select from the search results.
    - Bookmark an image to your photo folders.
    - Fold/Unfold a query list.
    - Save a query list automatically.
    [Photo Folder]
    - Consist of the three main views: Photo Folders View, Thumbnail View and Image View.
    - Create a photo folder.
    - Save your photo folders automatically.
    - Slideshow.
    - Show thumbnails and their info: title, description, and the number of views.
    - Mark selected photos as your favorite.
    - Remove selected photos from your favorites.
    - Show a resizable image and its info: owner name, title, desctiption, the number of views and the number of comments
    - Show/Post photo comments.
    - Download photos.

    Changes (v1.2.0-)
    - Change the total design.
    - Enable to see a title, a description and the number of comments in Search Result View.
    - Toggle a grid/list view in Search Result View.
    - Enable to use MapView to set a search area.
    - Add search parameters: safe mode, latitude, longitude and radius
    - Enable to fold/unfoled a query list.
    - Slideshow bug fixed.

    - This app is for you who want to search Flickr photos more precisely, to bookmark photos from search results and to manage those bookmarks.
    - The app keeps each photo information not an image itself, so you don't have to worry about the device storage.
    - Your photo folders only work with this app, and they're different from Sets in Flickr
    - I strongly recommend that you use a slideshow like photo frames if you have a stand for a device.
    - If you want to handle your Flickr photos, please use another app.

    Any comments and feedback would be appreciated!!

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