Float Timeline



This is an application displayed as the time line of Twitter is always floated on the screen by overlay.

If an application is started, please input from a menu the search condition of the time line acquired from Twitter in a "Input query"

After adjusting the size and the position of the float view and terminating an application, the float view which displays the time line on a screen appears.
Size can be changed in a "Input size" from a menu, and also scaling of it is possible in a multi-touch.

Since the float view does not react to a tap, dispatch is impossible from here.

The notice for starting can be displayed on the domain under execution of a notice bar.

You can change
* Background color of non-read and read twitter
* Show of float view
* Size and color of float view frame
* Base position of horizontal and vertical
* Permit out of screen
* Show and size and color of name
* Line number and size and color of text
* Show and size and color of date
* Show ongoing bar area and icon
* Close notification
* Time and count of refresh
* Color of edit view

- It operates since Android1.6.
- It is a confirmed operation by N-04C,SH-12C.

Tags: timeline code , timeline vertical in , horizontal timeline , social float , vertical timeline

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