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Forums for TES (formerly Elder Scrolls Discussion) is a free mobile online discussion forum and social community app created for fans of the popular Elder Scrolls RPG video game series! Talk about all things Elder Scrolls related, from the classic games, to Skyrim, to the upcoming TES Online!

Topics include:
Elder Scrolls Off Topic
General TES
TES Online
Role Playing
...and more!

The TES Discussion community is open and friendly and always accepting of new members. Come join us and you are sure to make new lifelong friends and kill time by talking about the best video game series of all time!

Elder Scrolls Discussion is not associated with Bethesda. It is just an open forum community created by fans, for fans!

Forums for TES is a fan app and is not associated with Bethesda Softworks in any way, and is not an official Elder Scrolls application. The Elder Scrolls is the registered property of Bethesda Softworks.

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