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Information and communications platform based on location. Without the mailer, and social networking applications using location information that can chat with people just tap the icon that is displayed on the map. [Instructions] Ⅰ. Nickname on the registration screen, sex, birthday, e-mail address (※ 1) input. {※ 1 - people who have subscribed to the list of friends "We Mapi" Used when contact by e-mail while using the app when not start (a feature of only the paid version), how to register your friends list to hold the screen names of people who want to create chat "Add to Friends List" click YES in the message,} Ⅱ registration is complete. Press the menu button on the device map is displayed when the tab appears Click to register. Is registered on the map yourself now (※ 2) (※ 2 - You are here on a map unless you click on the registration registration even appear not) position of the icon you can move yourself Once registered will work to move your location, if you want to register as a new point after the location of the mobile terminal by pressing the menu button, click the tab release, please click the new registration. If you move a point such as a chat partner registration, press the Menu button on the device displays updated points click the register after moving from the tab reload. Ⅲ. Then click on the icon from the map looking for people who want to chat, just enter the message you send. If you want to delete user information, please click on the Delete screen, press the Menu button on the terminal profile settings by clicking on the screen. If you delete the user information is erased information together friends list. Features of our Mapi] multiple chat can talk. By registering your chat partner to your friends list is also available by e-mail exchange. (If you want a friends list, you must update to the paid version) you can easily get in touch if you start the app each other, even to foreign users.

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