Locate your friends both on Android and iPhone/iPad devices!
© FriendsLocator is a very easy to use application which allows you to immediately find where your friends are geolocated on the map in real time, regardless of them being using © FriendsLocato application on Android smartphone, iPad or iPhone!
Add friends to your list and you see each other in real time!
Ideal place to meet at Rendezvous or travel more, FriendsLocator © is a disconcerting ease of use!
Map and lists are used to get an overview of the position of all your friends.
Simply select one of your friends on the map: the geolocation tracking focuses on selected friend (magenta).
List mode allows you to know to locate your friends at the exact address to which they are now and the time they were seen for the last time!

-Press the "Buddy List"
-Edit your name (no spaces, at least 2 alphanumeric characters) and confirm by pressing the "Save" button,
-To make a request to add a friend, in the edit window text "AddFriend" the nickname of the friend you want to invite and confirm

-Your friend will then receive your request to add application to launch when
Note: It is necessary that two people are mutually added to their list of friends with the same username to be able to see!
You're done!

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