Don’t ruin the fun of a shared car ride by asking for gas money… but still get the money!

This amazing app makes it simple to calculate every passenger’s fair share for the ride and to quickly and easily make payments with the click of a button. With the Fundride app, you can avoid the hassle of awkward money requests, long calculations, and fumbling with cash at the end of sharing the perfect car ride!

☆ Easily determine how much everyone in the car owes - Fundride does all the tough calculations for you!
☆ Make payment quickly and simply with the push of a button
☆ No need to carry exact cash or try to get change back
☆ Reimburse your friends anytime, 24/7
☆ Be eco-friendly by using Fundride and sharing all your rides.
☆ Support a good cause! With Fundride you can choose to donate a part of your friends' payments to an organization of your choice!

And don’t worry, Fundride works even if your friends don't have a smartphone! Simply log onto to sign up for an account.

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