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    This fabulous Live Wallpapers collection is a wonderful find for the real judge of the best ANDROID APPLICATION.
    Funny Easter Bunny LWP Not too brightly, does not beat at an eye, does not mix Softly, unobtrusively, naturally!!! Very liked.
    Easter Bunny from Gold Chack collection Team and Easter Bunny from CREASY-DESIGN GROUP .
    LWP Easter Bunny ( extended release). First part.

    ******* instruction on the use of application Funny Easter Bunny LWP **********
    =Pictures exchange automatically - MENU - Live Wallpapers mode.=
    =Not forget - quality of next applications depends on your comments.=
    = To user : HOME => MENU => Wallpaper => Live Wallpapers. =

    By the best wishes with LIVE Wallpaper Easter Bunny application - is a command of developers.

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    Easter Bunny , Easter Bunny. Funny Easter Bunny LWP - FULL BOX 2012 season

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