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5 Ways Ghost Can Help You:

1) Annoying Spam Phone Calls/Spam Text Messages(Including Debt Collectors, Solicitation, Blocked Numbers, Short Sales, Bad Mortgage Loans, Credit Card Collections, Doctor Bills, Late Payments, Judgments, Leans, Etc. )

2) Stalker Boyfriend/Girlfriend Calling 100 Times A Day

3) Can't Afford To Have 2 Cellphones

4) If You Want To Have 2 Sets Of Contact Information (Professional/Personal)On One Cellphone

5) If You Feel That Your Lady Or Man Keeps Invading Your Privacy By Checking Through Your Texts And Calls


-So How Does Ghost Work? -

Ghost Works By Rejecting Any Unknown Or Unwanted Activity From Your Cellphone, So Anyone That Is Trying To Get Into Contact With You That You Are Not Ok With Will Not Be Able To Anymore On Your Cellphone. You Can Also Use Ghost To Separate Your Contacts Inside Ghost Phone Book For Easier Cellphone Convenience


You See Ghost Is Perfect For Just About Everyone From Independent Contractors To Every Day High School Students. Everyone Deals With Solicitation, From Debt Collectors To Solicitation Offers, and Everyone Has Once Had A Stalker Partner Or Has A Partner Who Checks Through Your Cellphone! I Bet It's Annoying When You Start That New Job And They Require You To Get A Second Cellphone Just To Take Calls! With Ghost You Can Be The Boss Of Your Cellphone Once Again!

- Testimonials -

%James Mondragon, San Francisco,CA

"I was skeptical at first about this program, but once I purchased it I was amazed how it handled those pestering collection calls to my cellphone. Before I was almost uncomfortable using my cellphone, but now thanks to ghost I feel like I can be socially active again without the fear of those calls."

%Steve Luster, Hazelgreen, AL

"Ghost saved my life, I was dating this one girl until I told her I had to break it off, she got so upset she kept trying to follow me and harass me and my friends. I was the first to try ghost, but man my friends were quick to follow my lead after they saw how great ghost worked."

%Darius Miller, Clark County, Ga

"Man out here is georgia the women are thick and the clubs are banging. some times you be meetin them shawtys out in da club and you wanan get lil mammas numba, but you aint tryna have your girl find that so you get this app and boy it does wonders. I be promoting this music thang out here and man these bops be going mad at the though of their shining star rollin out on em. If you doin big thangs take ghost wid you, it's da only way man. ghost keeps it 100 off tops."

They Love It And So Will You. Common What You Waiting For, Get Ghost Today And End The Headaches. $3.99 For Some Peace And Relaxation!

- Brief Rundown On How To Use Ghost -

*Dial 123456# to access Ghost.

*put "+" in front of new ghost contact's number

*option 1 in settings tab intercepts all unknown activity,
calls/texts(excluding your android address book.)

*option 2 in settings tab intercepts Ghost's contacts only.

%patent pending



%names changed to protect privacy rights.

Thank You To Everyone That Has Help Make Ghost A Selling Success This Past Year, We Couldn't Have Done It Without You! I'm So Excited About This Progress That I Want To Offer Investors, Past Customers, And All The Rest To Feel Free And Call Me At +1(415)-678-8872 With Any Questions You Have. I Know Together We Can Make Ghost A Huge Success!

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