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Gabion, an Alien from Faraway Planet, says GoGab is a social networking application that allows you to share information in multiple ways like screen sharing and languages of your own choice. It’s easy and intuitive UI helps you to exchange information in a fast and smart way. If you have a Google or a Facebook account you are all set to go.
There many cool features in this application but the ones which differentiate it from others are
Chat: The Application has a well integrated backend with Facebook and Gmail. It hence allows you to chat with all your Facebook and Gmail contacts. It gives you a consolidated view of your contacts and also provides you options to segregate and categorize them. It gives the presence information when a user is online or offline and also allows a particular user to set his/her presence state.
Host Language Support: This feature allows each user to set the language in which he/she would like to receive the IM texts. So if you want to see all the text messages you are getting in a language of your own choice you can do that by enabling a simple configuration.
White Board Sharing: An excellent feature that allows you to share your screen with your contacts. Scribble anything on your chat window and share it with your contact by a right flip. Gabion allows you to share your thoughts as sketches, doodles or drawings where the information can be as complex as architecture diagram or as simple as playing tic tac toe. Just scribble anything you want to share on the empty screen and use two fingers to flip it your contact

Gabion an Alien from a faraway planet, one of the many million planets in our galaxy "The milky way" came and broke all barriers.. When Android decided to reach the Earth and spread itself on each and every mobile device, Gabion had the urge to follow suit. On reaching here it realized that it needs special skills to communicate with the mankind, the dominant species on this planet. This led Gabion to develop an application which breaks the barriers of language. A language which allows you to share random thoughts that you have scribbled on your phone screen.
Thanks Gabion for making GoGab. Try it for yourself!! Get Addicted and Spread the Word

Go Gabbbbbb!!

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