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The Go-NoGo app is the essential nightlife assistant for those of us men who tend to overestimate the hotness of girls when we go out, and as a result often end up in regrettable situations the day after.

With the Go-NoGo app, taking the decision on whether or not to roll out your charms, has never been easier and safer.

Simply enter your minimum hotness requirement, the perceived hotness of the girl under investigation, your drunkness and your overall desperation level and the Go-NoGo app takes the decision for you.

The Go-NoGo app is based on proprietary algorithms developed through numerous field studies, which effectively reduces the decision-making margin for error to zero.

But that’s not all! The Go-NoGo app also has a black book functionality where you can add notes about the girls you meet during your social networking adventures. The black book is an essential tool to avoid those gut-wrenching situations where you forget crucial intelligence gathered through your hard work and dedication.

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