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  • Effective and useful for some people
  • Clean UI design
  • Kids can easily uninstall it
  • There are many other similar services right now
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Expert's Review

"Where Are You?"

Reviewed by / Nov 12, 2014

Keep track of your family whereabouts with their permission

GPS Tracker Pro, now called Life360 is an effective tool which we'd recommend especially to families.

This GPS Tracker helps you keep track of the location of your family members and loved ones: create private circles to keep track and add different locations so you know when someone has been there.

Other interesting features are the Crime Alert feature, which lets you know about locations where recent crimes have been reported, and being able to invite people who don't own a smartphone (although this is only for the US).

FAMILY SAFETY PRODUCTION is the developer of Life360, a tracker app which is as effective as privacy-invasive. Don't worry about ease of use: Life360 has a proper clean design,

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Developer's original description available here
The GPS Phone Tracking Pro App makes it easy to keep track of life’s essentials; use it to:

•Find Your Friends – and get directions to their location.
•Find Your Phone – check the app’s Web site to find a lost device.
•Stay Connected – discover your friends’ whereabouts at any time simply by checking the GPS Phone Tracking Pro map.

The GPS Phone Tracking Pro does it all.
This handy, easy-to-use app leverages the latest technology to help you stay connected in real time to the people (and the devices) that matter most. GPS Phone Tracking Pro functions, features and benefits include:

Great Friend Locator.
GPS Phone Tracking Pro uses GPS coordinates and state-of-the-art GPS location data to report the real-time whereabouts of your friends. Simply install the GPS tracker app on your phone and your friends’ phones. Once registered, each friend appears as a unique icon on the GPS Tracking Pro’s navigational map so you’ll know exactly where each friend is, at all times. Want to know instantly which friends arrived at a party, theater, museum or another planned meet up point? Want to figure out if anyone is stuck in traffic, made a wrong turn or even worse – if your habitually late friend has even left his/her house yet? No need to send annoying “Where are your?” or “What’s your ETA?” texts, GPS Phone Tracking Pro puts this information at your fingertips. And to make life super easy, GPS Tracking Pro can send alerts the moment your friends arrive at the appointed location!

Another Friend Locator Feature
With GPS Phone Tracking Pro, you can monitor your friend’s travel from one location to another via the app’s GPS maps. This is a very helpful feature when you’re traveling separately from a friend who has a tendency to get lost often. And let’s face it: GPS Phone Tracking Pro also makes a great family tracker. This is especially helpful if a family member is scheduled to pick you up. You can track their progress toward your destination, enjoying yourself until the last possible moment you have to be at the agreed upon pick up spot!

Reliable Cell Phone Tracker
GPS Phone Tracking Pro can pinpoint the location of registered mobile devices, smart phones and even old school feature phones via the app’s website, 24/7. Just log in and your phone will appear as an icon. Click on the icon to view the location of the missing mobile phone. This GPS phone tracking device helps with Androids too. It accesses GPS Android data to pinpoint the location of missing Droids.

Phone Tracking for Friends With Feature Phones
Friends who don’t have the latest smart phone (or a smart phone at all), can still enjoy GPS Phone Tracking Pro’s features and benefits – with a little help from their friends! Here’s how it works: The app will send a text invite to the feature phone. Once your friend accepts the invitation and replies with a “yes,” to the text, their individual icon will appear on the app’s GPS maps. If their phone is lost, the app will provide GPS navigation assistance to help you guide them its destination. It’s a phone tracker extraordinaire.

Innovative and Versatile Phone Locator
Do you constantly misplace your cell phone and are tired of asking other people (friends or family) to help you find it or if they’ve seen it? GPS Phone Tracking Pro can help. Its state-of-the-art GPS system can keep tabs on registered phones, using satellites to triangulate the exact location of every phone registered to your account. If a phone is ever out of satellite view, GPS Phone Tracking Pro uses triangulation via the nearest cell phone tower and the cell phone carrier’s data to determine the missing phone’s location. This versatile phone locator also offers printer-friendly directions to the misplaced phone’s location. GPS Phone Tracking Pro is compatible with Androids, whether you have AT&T, Verizon, Sprint or another phone carrier.

Recently changed in this version

Improved location accuracy with minor bug fix

Improved app speed with performance fix, now the app loads faster

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Changelog and permissions

  • - Know where you approximately are.
  • - android.permission.ACCESS_COARSE_UPDATES
  • - Know exactly where you are. It uses GPS.
  • - Know what access (wifi, 3G…) you have at every moment.
  • - Access information about Wi-Fi networks.
  • - Know how much battery is left and how it has been spent.
  • - Use Bluetooth to connect to a paired device.
  • - Track nearly Bluetooth devices and pair them with yours.
  • - Broadcast sticky intents, thus allowing quick data retrieval held by the system.
  • - Call somewhere with no need for the user to confirm that call. ER numbers aren't allowed, though.
  • - Be able to access the camera device.
  • - Change Wi-Fi connectivity state.
  • - Have access to the list of accounts linked to your device.
  • - Get info about the currently running tasks.
  • - Send and receive internet info.
  • - Perform I/O operations over NFC (Near Field Communication).
  • - Read your calendar data.
  • - android.permission.READ_CALL_LOG
  • - Read your contact data.
  • - android.permission.READ_EXTERNAL_STORAGE
  • - android.permission.READ_OWNER_DATA
  • - Read phone state. Used to know whether you're in a call or not.
  • - android.permission.READ_PROFILE
  • - Know if the system has finished booting.
  • - Monitor incoming SMS messages, to process them.
  • - Send SMS.
  • - Use the vibrator.
  • - Prevent your device from sleeping or screen from dimming (turn brightness down).
  • - Write whatever to your SD card.
  • - Sell digital goods through in-app purchase.
  • -
  • -
  • -
  • -

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    New version 9.3.0 released on 05/19/15.
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    New version 9.2.0 released on 04/22/15.
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    Name changed from GPS Tracker Pro to GPS Phone Tracker Pro on 04/22/15.
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    New version 9.1.0 released on 03/26/15.
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    New version 8.1.1 released on 01/29/15.
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    New version 8.0.0 released on 12/15/14.
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    New version 7.0.1 released on 11/08/14.
  • Changes
    Name changed from GPS Tracking Pro to GPS Tracker Pro on 11/08/14.
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    New version 6.5.1 released on 09/26/14.
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    New version 6.5.0 released on 09/13/14.
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    New version 6.4.0 released on 08/08/14.
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    New version 6.4.0 released on 07/16/14.
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    New version 6.2.0 released on 05/14/14.
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    New version 6.1.3 released on 05/06/14.
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    New version 6.1.2 released on 03/29/14.
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    New version 6.1.1 released on 02/20/14.
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    New version 6.1.1 released on 02/20/14.
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    New version 6.1.0 released on 02/13/14.
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    New version 6.0.2 released on 11/09/13.
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    Becomes more popular. 5000000 downloads level reached on 11/04/13.
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    New version 5.9.1 released on 08/09/13.
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    New version 5.9 released on 06/12/13.
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    New version 5.8 released on 05/29/13.
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    New version 5.7 released on 04/22/13.
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    New version 5.6.1 released on 03/20/13.
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    New version 5.6 released on 02/28/13.
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    New version 5.5.2 released on 01/24/13.
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    New version 5.5 released on 12/26/12.
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    New version 5.3 released on 11/15/12.
  • Updated
    New version 5.2 released on 08/20/12.
  • Updated
    New version 5.1.1 released on 07/21/12.
  • Updated
    New version 5.0.8 released on 04/20/12.
  • Changes
    Name changed from GPS Tracking to GPS Tracking Pro on 01/23/12.
  • Updated
    New version 5.0.5 released on 01/08/12.
  • Updated
    New version 5.0.4 released on 12/23/11.
  • + downloads
    Becomes more popular. 1000000 downloads level reached on 11/30/11.
  • Updated
    New version 5.0.2 build 2795 released on 11/23/11.
  • Updated
    New version 5.0.1 build 2764 released on 11/18/11.
  • Updated
    New version 4.1 build 2448 released on 09/30/11.
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    New version 4.1 build 2406 released on 09/28/11.
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    New version 4.1 build 2375 released on 09/17/11.
  • Updated
    New version 4.1 build 2371 released on 09/15/11.
  • Updated
    New version 4.0 build 2155 released on 07/15/11.
  • Updated
    New version 4.0 build 2136 released on 07/13/11.
  • Updated
    New version 3.4.7 released on 06/21/11.
  • Updated
    New version 3.4.2 released on 06/15/11.
  • Updated
    New version 3.9 released on 06/06/11.
  • Updated
    New version 3.8 released on 06/04/11.

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Comments and ratings for GPS Phone Tracker Pro
  • (0)

    by klempotpot on 18/09/2014

    Check out this App! So quick and easy to use! It has features you haven't seen in other apps before! Very useful!
    More info at:
    Find App at:

  • (0)

    by haynorm on 18/11/2013

    This will get some people in trouble it will show you in a place your not even close to.

  • (0)

    by click on 20/10/2011

    just kept asking me for a valid phone number, entered it a few times still would not let me in

  • (0)

    by Katrina Thomas on 19/05/2015

    We use it to keep track of where our family is. It works well 90% of the time. I have a Samsung galaxy S4, we also use it on an iPhone 5s.

  • (0)

    by terry shufeldt on 18/05/2015

    Gives great peace of mind knowing where your family and friends are in real time.

  • (0)

    by Lindita Gryka on 18/05/2015

    I love this app

  • (0)

    by Nancy Mamah on 18/05/2015

    Love it