GSVoco is a free calling and messaging app. It uses Wifi/3G to make calls and send messages.

FREE CALLS AND MESSAGES: It is 100% free*.
GROUP CHAT: You can send messages to a group and can continue commenting on those messages.
GROUP CALL: You can make a conference call with a group.
MESSAGE WITH AN IMAGE: You can send an image along with a message.
BUDDIES ARE ADDED AUTOMATICALLY: Your phonebook is scanned and the friends which have the GSVoco app installed on their phones are shown in the app's contact list.
STATUS OF YOUR BUDDIES: You can see the status(online/offline) of your buddies in the app.

The App is very fresh and we NEED as many BETA testers as possible!
So please test, provide feedback and check for frequent updates.

NOTE: The app is currently released for the internal use for GSLAB employees only. Others can get in touch with GSLAB for it :)

(*)Network data charges may apply.

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