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There are so many options squeezed into one slim, 2.5” LCD screen media center that it’s going to take a lot of time going over each one of them. So let’s do take it one at a time, shall we? This guide is going to take over all the options you’ve got and how to convert absolutely anything and everything – DVDs, TiVo video, messy AVIs, mixed MPEGs and more to iPod compatible video – all within OS X. And along the way, we’ll teach you a couple of iPod tips and tricks, too!

This app consists of Handling Those Nasty Scratches, What Videos Can You Play?, So Which One is Better – H.264 or MPEG-4?, Where to Download Videos for Your iPod, Watch iPod Videos on Your TV.

Q: Why does it need INTERNET permission?
A: This is a free app; we need ads to support our work.

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