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Hi There

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Good people SNS *** ***

Hi There are members of more than 3.5 million people
SNS sharing a variety of stories and issues that

With other members of different ages and gender
Photos and write a diary every day
Region , age, hobbies , and much to share mingle daily ,
Pam ( circles ) to create a variety of offline meetings gatgido .

Good writing and friends with bouncing charm
Sorry about earlier is in good talker or a popular person
Sorry about earlier also introduced to many of you ^ ^
(Popular in: 24 hours is a lot of followers increased net)

Sometimes uncontrollable full of charm thanks to the popularity of
Sorry about earlier is becoming a funny thing happen beokjeok sikkeul attitude.

Makes people feel good scenes, or a friend.
Talk saetok notification bangulreul uploaded in real time ran as a relative share
Talked to attach more comments .
Perhaps the most common comments I think the SNS is running ^ ^

Sorry about earlier , but only and that is saying Sorry about earlier
May develop into a great community and a friend ,
Sorry about earlier with the goal to be married couples ^ ^

Eagle is one pair this week to raise up to cool heh heh I
Again, the high- der to meet special relationship
Sorry about earlier wreath of t-shirts and I'll preach congratulations ^ ^

Map Talk tops the main place people gather each and
Where to find active members of their own
I'm all in the same area to make friends

Together with high- der exciting party!
Sometimes Paragon Party , Singapyeong Music Party, talked to the State Department of the party so as to
As the largest event in an offline

Sorry about earlier in the *** to make high- der ! ***

Members have a voice in their personality
Simulation of the vocal cords and sing olrigido
Greetings middle distance gwiyo Registration is cute and sometimes Oglethorpe

Basil Tok ( Talk About ) About eseon are great fun and
Hadapnida full . Look for me to meet friends !

The assessment looks fun and cool !
Look at the picture of a coronary eolpyeong belly is really subject.
Please try again ㅋ application
Your self-proclaimed guru Earl plain poured into the unstoppable .

Please search for the tag marketplaces
Friends talked to the State Department 's special discounts / offers various personal (?) Information is
Kids come up with the day-to-day shopping fun onboard!

In addition, some members of the
May proceed directly to their EVENT
Arrange meetings , tarot for , such as individual stations
Handapnida various programs operated directly .

It is great members !
Does not sound mean enough features yet .
Seonsahae always having fun and pleasure
Officer who is also the person who talked to the State Department
Better and improved future
Features and services, we will be rewarded .

[ Fun and healthy high- der !

24 hours of high- der Officer
Used by a number of good high- der to create a fun and healthy
Members of the various values ​​coexist and are free to be amplified

But give great inconvenience to other users
A healthy , fun and high- der derogate
Defamatory, abusive, rather than 19 gold and place in a designated location
Than the other services , such as indiscriminate advertising deal with the coming up very strictly

Members who are in the process of using sanctions
Expressed a lot of regret and a request is made and
Sad as the operator can throw ourselves

Only the high- der der high value ( a number of interesting and good sound) to
Create and amplify Thank you for your understanding will ensure the wide

Loved by domestic as well as overseas
Der to become a great high
I hope more

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Recently changed in this version

- Kill (bounce) effects modify
- Scroll speed
- URL links display improved comments
- Other bug fixes and performance improvements

Comments and ratings for Hi There
  • (64 stars)

    by Inyoung Seo on 24/05/2014

    새친구만나라고 배려해주는건가요? 친구리스트 사라지고 친구업데이트 보는 곳도 없어지고.. 업데이트 올릴때 테스트따위는 안하는건가요... ;;;

  • (64 stars)

    by Joann Ahn on 06/02/2014

  • (64 stars)

    by Olivia Everett on 21/12/2013

    Its so retarded it won't even open the flipping app on Droid razor m

  • (64 stars)

    by ven nicor on 08/12/2013

    haha i got blocked by this app cuz of one pervert using racial slurs , reported me of verbally attacking him and putting a screen shot of his account on public . now i cant make another account . sucks bigtime!

  • (64 stars)

    by Sunny K. on 21/06/2013

    영구탈퇴 what kind of problem is this? i used in iphone 5 i also get same message. somebody knows the reason or solution? please reply ASAP

  • (64 stars)

    by 박종혁 on 06/06/2013

    회원가입이안되요 가입하신핸드폰으로 가입되있대요..뭐죠.

  • (64 stars)

    by Bone Harder on 05/06/2013