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Dharma Education Calendar Hindu Chetana - 2014

Forum For Hindu Awakening (FHA) is a leading global Hindu organization. The aim of FHA is to understand, live and preserve Hinduism.

We are happy to announce that 2014 FHA Dharma Education Calendar is now available for free on your android devices and tablets !

Android Edition's unique features

1. Panchang as per the US time-zone
2. Spiritual science behind Dharmik acts and festivals
3. Deities' pictures that awaken divine emotion
4. Guidance on saadhana (spiritual practice) and stress management
5. Guidance on how to live a sattvik (spiritually pure) lifestyle

Importance of education on Dharma

FHA's Dharma education calendar 'Hindu Chetana’ explains the spiritual method of celebrating the Holy festivals, Religious festivals, Vowed religious observances and Religious actions, their scriptural foundation and benefits. The perspective underlying imparting education on Dharma through the Almanac is that the efforts for God-realisation of every individual be spiritual in nature and he benefits from it.

For a printed copy of 'Hindu Chetana' Dharma Education Calendar 2014

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