I LOVE SPY Key Generator



This app will give you full access to the features of I LOVE SPY app from the same author.

Please keep in mind that you must install the app I LOVE SPY on the target phone to use this key generator.

1- download I LOVE SPY on the target phone.
2- download this app on your phone
3- send an sms with "IME" text to your target
4- an sms will be sent to you with the IMEI code (phone id)
5- open this app
6- copy the IMEI code and press GO!
7- copy the result code and send an sms with "REG 12345" where 12345 is the code you generated , to your target.
8- the I LOVE SPY copy now is fully licensed and ready to follow your commands.

PLEASE read fully the description on I LOVE SPY app before doing anything!

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