I'm Rich!! (Pink Diamond)

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    A non-functional app to place on the desktop of your Android Device to show off your Wealth.
    Diamond is a symbol of love, brave, power, status, dignity and loyalty.
    Own the most expensive app in the Market. Just Because I'm rich and I can!!
    If you love him, his mobile, worth having it.

    With this app, you can let everyone know "I'm rich."
    Join the exclusive Diamond Club via this app. App does nothing but display your Diamond Club status and tells others, "Look at me, I am rich."
    If you're really rich buy the Diamond app for rich people, we have versions for all kind of rich people:
    Diamond Club Status: (Look for other app versions in the Market)
    * Blue - I spent $1.00. Member. -- NOW FREE!!!
    * Pink - I spent $13.00. Hot.
    * White - I spent $130.00. High Roller.
    * Black - I spent $200.00. VIP.

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