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    ImageCopyright, the ultimate copyright option in real world, using this app you can ‘write’ on a photo a single instance of text,logo and a signature. User can move, orient and zoom each of these added items on the photo and can share in social networking like Facebook and twitter

    The following describes the full functionality app use cases and features:
    Use Cases of App:
    It can be used in all situations/occasions where ‘the photo needs to tell everything’. No need for any additional tags, text, e-mail, explanation, etc. which are usually ‘annexed’ to a photo.
    ▪ Personal Greetings (with your signature)
    ▪ Personal congratulatory messages (with your signature)
    ▪ Personal invitations (with your signature)
    ▪ Proof of Delivery (Document/Bill/Receipt with signature from client)
    ▪ Photo quotes
    ▪ Memorabilia with group of friends signing on a photo
    ▪ Photo of a celebrity with his/her signature on the photo
..and many more situations. Imagination is the limitation.

    Initially, ImageCopyright element is shown in a window where the text can be edited as required. Finally, the ImageCopyright element entered will be added to the photo at the desire corner. Drag the element and place it anywhere on the photo. You can also scale it up or down and rotate using Pinch actions.

    ✓ Share : Share the photo with others using available services (respective apps should have been installed) on your device such as
• Facebook

    • Twitter

    ✓ Saving the photo: When a new photo is clicked the app saves the photo. 

Photo is also saved automatically upon sharing the photo or prompted to save at the time of quitting the app, if PhotoDesigner elements have been added.
    App saves the photo in Gallery directory . 

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