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    The day to day life of the people is affected by the courts, the police and other agencies. But people are generally not aware about the various aspects of courts, about the criminal justice system, about the procedure being followed in criminal courts, about the various restrictions on the exercise of powers by the police and the duties of the police officers, and so on. They are also not aware about their rights when they are accused of an offence.

    It is because of this lack of knowledge of the working of the system that the people are taken for a ride and are unnecessarily harassed and tortured at the hands of the prosecuting agencies.

    This App brought to you by Advocate Sunil Goel, answers, in simple language, all your queries about criminal law in India and gives you important tips. It also gives you latest updates on important judgments and events in the legal field. Understanding law will be child’s play now.

    This app is based on the book "Courts, Police, Authorities & Common Man" written by Advocate Sunil Goel.

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