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    1) To use with GoSMS, you must go under "Receive settings" and turn off "Disable other message notification". Next, go into your stock SMS app, and turn off notifications.
    2) To use with Handcent, you must go under "Application settings" and disable "Default Messaging application". Next, go into your stock SMS app, and turn off notifications.
    *) If users continue to have problems using Intelligent AutoReply, please contact me at Happy to refund anyone who has passed Google's 15 minute window. I will usually respond within a day or two.

    A rule-based SMS AutoReply and AutoForwarding application that automatically responds to text messages or missed calls based on the user's set of rules. Rules can be based upon keywords/phrases, sender, whether in contact list, schedule, silent/vibrate state, car/desk docking state, charging state, home screen widget, or even the lack of user-response (after delay timer).

    Also features:
    * custom messages
    * exceptions
    * reply logs
    * infinite ping-ponging text messaging safeguards

    This app works by allowing you to create a list of rules and exceptions. When a new text message is received, the text message is bounced against each rule/exception, starting from the top. If the text message meets the condition of a rule/exception, a reply or forward is sent out.

    Examples: Setup your phone so that...
    - it automatically replies to others whenever it is in your car dock
    - it automatically replies whenever you put it in silent mode.
    - it never auto-replies to your boss or girlfriend
    - if you somehow miss a text message for 30 minutes, it instructs people to call you at home.
    - it tells only people checking on server downtime status (via keyword) when the expected recovery time is.
    - it automatically replies during your work hours.
    - it automatically forwards messages during your vacation.

    Try out the Lite version first to make sure this app is compatible with your other apps or if you aren't sure this is what you want. Don't forget to uninstall the Lite version when you purchase this one!

    I am happy to help or refund anyone who has problems... just shoot me an email!

    If you like this app, please rate it to help it get some attention!! (If you don't, well.... then shhhh).

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