Isla Vista App




~ Set up rides in and out of I.V. with fellow
members in the community.

~ Let people know that you are sub-leasing your house for the summer or looking for a new roommate.

~ Blog about the latest happenings in town.

~ Post ads on I.V. List to sell, buy, or trade anything you wish.

~ A robust directory with information on local Happy Hours, Clubs, Clothing Stores, pretty much everything you will ever need living in I.V.

~ Connect yourself to the Great Outdoors with direct information to all the hiking,camping, and kayaking spots you'll ever need.

~ A map with all the POI's in I.V.

~ Awesome camera feature for taking photos of the scenery in Isla Vista!

~ A gallery full of all the pictures that YOU took and submitted to the app.

-Connect yourself with all the local happenings with direct access to all the events in I.V.

~ Instant access to Bill's Bus Schedule.

~ Call a cab within five seconds.

~ If you don't already have a QR Scanner just download the App now because the Isla Vista App has one!!!!