Never has there been such a simple but such a powerful tool to view and download pictures from Facebook.

With Kapture you can:
1. View your tagged photos and albums
2. View your friend’s tagged photos and albums
3. Enlarge and zoom into individual photos
4. Download your tagged photos, your albums, your friend’s tagged photos and your friend’s albums, all in high quality to your SD card
5. Choose specific photos within an album to download
6. Create and choose which folder to download photos to

You have the flexible choice of downloading an entire album with 1 click, or preview the entire album first and then save with 1 click, or even select specific photos and select a range of photos in the album to save. Tagged photos will be previewed in pages of 200 photos each.

You also have the ability to download your photos into specific folders. With the in-built file browser you can create and select folders on your SD card before downloading, allowing you to effectively organize your downloads.

The downloaded photos are of the highest quality available on Facebook.

When the download has finished, you can view these photos in your standard image gallery i.e. the Android Gallery app, or even transfer them to your computer!

Instructions and quick tips:
1.Short presses on individual albums, album photos and folders will lead to downloading an album’s photos for preview, enlarging a photo, or browsing into a folder in the file browser.

2.Zoom in and out of enlarged photos using pinch-to-zoom or by using the + and - symbols

3.Long presses on individual albums, album photos and folders will generate menus allowing you to perform actions such as saving an album, marking photos and selecting a specific folder to download photos to in the file browser.

4.The options menus will show you options such as load your friend list, load the file browser, create a folder, save selected photos, save all previewed photos and logout.

Kapture installs on your SD card, but you can move it to internal phone memory if you wish after it has installed.

You can also visit and subscribe to Kapture’s Facebook page at: http://www.facebook.com/kaptureapp

If there are any comments, complaints or bugs, please feel free to email and I will help as best as I can. I will be upgrading this app to add more features!

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I would also like to thank the following people for their input:
Alykhan Tejani
Azfarul Islam
Wing Hym Liu: http://twitter.com/BorLorBao
Android Development Community: http://www.anddev.org/
Stackoverflow Android: http://stackoverflow.com/questions/tagged/android

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