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    Is it possible to know first what the other person has to say, and then decide whether you want to talk to him? And be prepared for the conversation. Yes! Kindabeep em all!

    Unlike the full version:
    - contains ads,
    - there is no widget for quick turn on,
    - no dictaphone,
    - no option to upload your own melody.
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    Some features:
    1. Fake telephone beeps (for listening thoughts). When people hear the beeps while waiting for respond, when they call someone, they usually thinking aloud. And usually they think about person, to whom they ring up.
    2. Seven types of realistic phone beeps, including euro and american beeps.
    3. Fake beeps when you need to imitate, that you try to call someone, but he does not respond.

    This program is designed to eavesdrop other people's thoughts. For the using the program, you need TWO phones. Install software on one, by the other receiving a call. If you have one phone, and the software is installed on it, and you are waitng a call in a particular time, you can make temporary forwarding (through calling settings) to wire phone, or to your friend`s phone (if he does not mind).

    What the program does, and how to eavesdrop the thoughts?

    When a person calls you, waiting for your response to the call, that is, until the sound beeps, he can articulate his thoughts out loud. And he may have something to discuss with someone who is close to him. And these discussions are likely to be somehow connected to you. It is not intended for your ears.

    What kind of situations it can be?

    Hundreds, but here are a couple of examples.

    - A guy calls a girl, and while waiting for the beeps, declares his love. Or asking for forgiveness. It can also be the opposite, that the girl is calling the guy.
    - Subordinate calls his boss to lie he is ill. He will say it in hoarse voice. But while hearing the beeps, discussing something with someone in a normal voice, and even laughs.

    You yourself have done so many times, and you can imagine. When a person hears the phone beeps, he thinks it is harmless. He can tell all the thoughts, all the secrets. Both good and bad. They can blame you, they can confess in love.

    How does it work?

    Our application allows you to quickly turn on a realistic simulation of telephone beep signal. Which people usually hear in the tube while waiting for a response.

    For the functioning of the application, you need two phones: on the one you are taking a call, on the other - the application runs. If you have one phone, waiting for a particular call, you can temporarily activate a forwarding: a wire number that you have on hand, or a friend's number. Thus, the application is installed (and runs) on your phone, you are taking (due to forwarding) the call to your number, but on the other tube.

    So, someone calls on the phone. Phone in which the application is installed, is near you. You quickly turn on the fake beep in the application (clicking the widget). After that press the "answer" in the phone to which someone calls. A phone with "kindabeep" should be located near the microphone of the phone to which someone calls. At the time, when you hit "answer", the caller can hear a click, but in telephone lines is always something rustles.

    So, the one who is calling you, keep hearing beeps, he does not know that you already listen to him. And he can while waiting for an answer share his secrets out loud.

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