Lets Yak!



Do you play games on Android and want to discuss game mechanics, cheats and strategies with others? Use Lets Yak! To find friends with similar interest.
With this game you no longer have to worry about posting your code on Market, Forums and other mediums. Simply tap to sign in and select your favorite game to enter its chat room and share your experience. Save your time with this highly entertaining app.
• Join social game room to chat.
• Create your Group and add assign color to your friend. (Note: You can your friend in that group by a tap on your friend’s message.)
• Favorite your game chat room for easy access.
Currently Supporting Chat Rooms for following Games:
Gang Wars, Virtual Family, Hotel Mogul , Pirates and Traders, iMobsters , World War , Vampires Live, Racing Live, Zombies Live, Ninja live, Kingdom live, Mine builder, Gloomy Dungeons 3D, ZENONIA, UniWar, run Football Manager(soccer), Tap Fish, Aqua Pets, Papaya Fish, Papaya Fish 3D, Papaya Pet , Papaya Pet Paradise, BaseBallSuperStar, Brief history of Rome, Weed Farming.

Needless to say, make friends and feel free to share cheats :)

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