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A prank detector utilizing the phone's gyroscope and acceleration sensors. Trick your friends! Detects anything you want: losers, haters, fail, bullshit, perverts, ugly, sexy, assholes, ghosts, liars or make your own custom detector. In 17 languages.

Requirement: Sense of humor.

How to use:
1) While holding the phone vertically, point it at the victim (like taking a picture) and press the white button. It will turn green. Now you are ready to detect.

2) While standing in the same place, point the phone in another direction and press the green button to scan. Spin around in the same place and tilt the phone up and down, and as you get closer to your victim's direction, it will beep faster and faster. If pointed directly at the victim the needle will start bending against the post and eventually break after a few seconds. Then you can tell your friend that they are such a loser that they broke your loser detector!

Note: If the victim moves, this won't work, but you can press your search key to reacquire the victim's new position (straight in front of you) during the scan.

You could also aim it at yourself and then hand the phone to your friend to find the 'Cool guy' or whatever.

Volume: just use the rocker.

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