Managing a YouTube Channel



Learn how to effectively post, manage and market your videos on YouTube, in this in-depth introductory course by Matt Vanacoro.

Posting videos to YouTube is the easy part. Doing it so that they look & sound their best, and get seen, is a whole different story.

YouTube is the largest collection of video content ever assembled. That means that there's a lot of clutter. Cutting through that clutter requires that you know how to use all of YouTube's tools to your advantage. In this course, you see how YouTube really works. You learn everything from encoding and uploading to managing both your videos and managing your entire channel.

Matt also dives into the process of enhancing your video's audio and using YouTube's convenient online editor. The last section of this course is focussed on your channel. Here, you learn all about analytics, statistics and, most of all, how to monetize your hard work.

So kick back and pay attention, because with the information you learn in this course you are destined to become a YouTube power user!

Table of Contents:

1. Introduction to Youtube Concepts
2. Creating Your Account
3. Connecting Your Social Media Accounts
4. Important Settings
5. Uploading and Tagging a Video From the Desktop
6. Advanced Settings For Your Video
7. Notes on Encoding
8. Uploading From an iOS Device
9. Uploading From a Mac Video Editor
10. Uploading From a Windows Video Editor
11. Batch Uploading Videos
12. Video Management Overview
13. Video Management in Practice
14. Editing a Video: Info and Settings
15. Editing a Video: Enhancements and Audio
16. Editing a Video: Annotations and Captions
17. Creating a Video With the Online Editor
18. Lost a Video? You Can Download It!
19. Customizing Your Dashboard
20. An Overview of Analytics
21. Grouping Videos For Statistics
22. Monetizing Your Videos
23. Matched Third Party Content
24. Google Sites Integration
25. What's Next