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Meet new people who share the same interests as you

  • Great idea
  • Easy to use
  • Good interface design
  • Sometimes takes a while to load

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"But we've got nothing in common..."


Meetup is a social app that encourages you to meet people who have common interests. Register via Facebook or Gmail, specify your location, and pick your interests: nature, technology, health, food, photography, and so on. You can then get even more specific if you want (Japanese Anime, for example), before the app suggests some groups that match your interests.

Take a look at the most popular events depending on the category, and access the calendar to see what Meetups are happening soon. Bear in mind, though, that places at the events are often limited.

Meetup is a social app that, years after its conception, still finds great success in the bigger cities.


We love the ability to specify, and the amount of Meetups (groups) available for each area of interest is pretty impressive. The idea is good, and the design is crisp and smooth.


Sometimes there's a delay in the loading speed, but it's worth the wait due to its massive catalog of content.

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Aug 05, 2014

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