Metta Round The World



Metta Round The World (MRTW)- Global Meditation on Compassionate Love for world peace, harmony and stability.

MRTW is a global initiative to connect like-minded peace-loving people based on the cultivation of Metta (Loving Kindness / Compassionate Love). Metta is a wish for all sentient being to be well and happy. It is an antidote for anger, hatred, and mistrust.

This Mobile App feature:
* Audio introduction of MRTW by Bhante Mahinda
* Audio guide to Metta meditation
* Recorded Karaniya Metta Sutta Chant
* Audio guide to Dedication of Merits
* Announcement and Activities news
* Notification reminder for group practice on New and Full moon days.
* Links to MRTW related sites, e.g Facebook, Twitter and Home Website.
* Links to video and audio recordings.

We invite you to join us in this global initiative, where devotees of the temple and the public may come together to practice a Metta related practice for 15 minutes or more, on full and new moon days. If it is more convenient for you at home or even your work place, join us by doing this 15-minute Metta Meditation at the scheduled timing.

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