mHere (pronounced I'm here) is a new mobile app to follow your friends on a map. By using mHere, you can see where your friends are and they can see where you are, all in real-time, using your phone GPS.

It's ideal to follow family members, friends or co-workers who are traveling, exercising outdoor, running errands, or on their way to a meeting point. You can easily find your friends without having to ask where they are, and they can easily find you if you want to.

It's as simple as starting mHere, logging in or signing up for free, selecting the friends you want to follow, and that's it! And you can continue to use your phone as usual, listen to your music or just drop it in your pocket and move on.

You're in control of who sees who, so you choose who you want to follow, and who can follow you. You can also stop sharing your location at any time, while still following your friends.

And your friends want to track you now. So don't wait and install mHere on your phone. It's free!


When enabled, mHere uses your phone GPS to share your location with your friends, every 10 seconds or so to minimize battery usage. You can turn off sharing your location at any time.

You can log in using your Facebook account. It's faster than signing up and we do not share Facebook information with anyone. Please make sure to like mHere on Facebook at Thank you!

mHere requires the latest version of Google Play Services (to display rich maps features) and Facebook (if you want to log in using Facebook). Both apps are available for free from Google Play.


This is one of the first versions of mHere, so there might be a few things that don't work as you expect. Please let us know by emailing us at, as we want to make this app really useful and fun for you. And we also want to know what features you want, so please let us know. Thank you!

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