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“Mink Chatter” is the latest chatting and shopping platform, where you can also get to know about latest events and news in your area. Here, you can save money on Deals with free Coupons and Event passes from around your location and worldwide. There’s more - you can share stickers, GIFs and images with your friends while chatting on Messenger, emails and more. “Chatter Keyboard” features thousands of suggestive replies and graphics. Send and receive messages in multi-lingual text and interact globally without any language barriers.  Upgrade and enhance your social lifestyle with the help of this all-in-one app.

Free DEALS and COUPONS -Save Coupons for as many deals you want – ABSOLUTELY FREE!

Personal EVENT PASSES -  Browse Local, National and Global events and Save Exclusive personal Invites for the most happening Parties - Cultural shows - Concerts - Conferences and our all time favorite - Campus Festivals !

SHARE and GIFT - You can share and gift exclusive deal coupons and Event invites to anyone in your circle - anytime, anywhere.

LOCATION BASED OFFERS - Get your hands on the latest Deals and Coupons available as soon as you enter any Marketplace.

RENEW YOUR CHATTING EXPERIENCE - Send thousands of Images - Stickers and GIF’s and chat in style. From full-length suggestive replies to multi-lingual chatting options - We have it all!

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