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Mobliza is a text message answering machine.

It has two modes:

In "Answering Machine" mode, Mobliza can auto-respond to texts with messages you create. Many messages are built-in, such as "Hey I'm working right now" and "I'll call you back later." Mobliza lets you keep doing what you're doing without being bothered to answer texts.

Answering Machine mode is what you'll use most often with Mobliza.

The second mode, which is just for fun, is "Mobliza A.I." mode. Using advanced artificial intelligence, Mobliza can carry on a full conversation all by herself. Try fooling your friends as they try to talk with Mobliza and see how she responds.


* Create custom away messages for your contacts, or send them straight to Mobliza A.I.
* Completely ignore contacts, where they won't even show up in your inbox.
* All messages are logged in your Messaging inbox, so you know what Mobliza said to whom, and when.

Here are some uses for Mobliza:

1. Driving? Don't respond to those texts... have Mobliza tell people you're driving and that you'll call them back. This might save you a ticket in some states! :)

2. Now you won't be rude when you receive text messages at dinner! Mobliza will autorespond to people that you'll call them back.

3. Have kids? Do they text when you're out? Did you buy them an expensive smartphone? Well, put that thing to good use! Let the PHONE tell their friends they'll call back, so they don't text in class!

4. In class or in a meeting and don't want people bothering you? Use Mobliza's Away mode!

5. Bored? Don't want to talk to that person who keeps bugging you? Have them talk to your phone with Mobliza mode.

NOTE: Free support at!


It's simple: Just put one of the following messages in the "Notes" portion of any contact. So, if you're using GMail, just update the Notes of a contact. You can do this on the phone directly as well.

-- The contact will converse with Mobliza A.I. automatically.

-- Put a custom message between the quotes and Mobliza will respond with that message any time that contact texts you. NNN and TTT hints work as well.

-- Mobliza won't respond to the contact, no matter which mode it's in.

-- Mobliza will "drop" any messages from this contact. Your phone won't beep, and there will be no record of the message in your inbox.

-- Mobliza will "drop" any messages from this contact. Your phone won't beep, but there will be a message in your inbox that you ignored the message. The contact will receive a message saying 'Your message could not be delivered. This is an automated response.' The original message will not be logged.

SUPPORT: Please contact us if you have issues with the app. We don't deserve bad reviews if we don't get a chance to make things right! :)

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