Mr.& Ms. Smith



Mr. & Ms. Smith and Mr. & Ms. Smith fans, sorry to have kept you waiting! The amazingly popular app with over 1 million downloads in Japan has finally arrived!

With "Mr. & Ms. Smith", every Mr. & Ms. Smith and Mr & Ms. Smith fan can finally enjoy voice & video chatting with each other!
Not a Mr. & Ms. Smith fan yet? Well, this is a perfect opportunity for you to become one too!
(Please refrain from sharing your personal information in your profile.)

○●In case you are Mr. & Ms. Smith●○
Tap the "I'am Mr./Ms. Smith"-button and wait until you gets connected with a Mr. & Ms. Smith fan or another Mr. or Ms. Smith.

○●In case you are a Mr. & Ms. Smith fan●○
Tap the "Talk to Mr./Ms. Smith"-button and wait until you gets connected with Mr. or Ms. Smith.

○●When the call starts●○
…voice-chat will be enabled. Use the buttons in the bottom to turn video and voice-chat on and off.

○●After the call ends●○
…don't forget to send a greeting to the person you just had a chat with.

For everyone's convenience let's use Mr. & Ms. Smith properly.
Violating this rule may result in a banishment from the service.

Finally, don't forget to write a review with your impressions.

●The current version requires Android2.1 or higher.
●To use camera Android2.2 or higher.
●Operator data charges may apply.

Terms & Conditions:

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