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Connect with people across the world with free chat communication using My Stranger.

My Stranger is a social application that allows you to have fun talking with “people across the world” that you do not know for free.
Because it connects you with other users you do not know it provides “new meetings,” and “fresh joint experiences.”

The LookAround feature allows you to search for nearby people with one touch, and compared with other similar apps, increases the chances of meeting a stranger threefold.

* Search for nearby people with one touch using LookAround

LookAround shows an overview of nearby users with GPS with one touch.
You can request to chat directly with users displayed in LookAround, and can then have enjoyable conversations with them.
LookAround is a service that allows you to connect with other unknown users.

* Free chat with anyone in the world

Your chat partner is paired up with you randomly.
You can also connect with people you want to chat with simultaneously.

People that do not know English or other languages do not have to worry.
Using the random matching you can also select people by language.

And of course, if you add a partner that you like as a favorite, you can chat for free with that user at any time.

* Rich chat that displays stamps and emoticons

In chat, you can use stamps and emoticons for free that can display all sorts of emotions.
Using the cute stamps, animated smileys and emoticons, and sample sentences, even people that have trouble with talking can have a good time chatting.

You can also send pictures and location information, which can make chat even better.
You can share certain chat information on Facebook too.

* User search

You can also begin conversations after searching for users.
You can search for people you want to chat with by distance, arrival date, sex, and age, so you can start conversations with people you like.
And if you use LookAround you can search for nearby users with one touch.

* Add users you want to talk to again to favorites

If you add someone to favorites that you like you can stay in touch with them, and use the instant messenger (IM).

* You can also block people you don’t like

If you think that you would not want to meet a particular person again, you can add them to your blocked list which locks them out of chat.

* Even if messages don’t send it’ll be OK

If your partner loses their signal, or their battery dies and you cannot send messages, your messages will still be resent automatically using our service that will save them.
Your important messages will safely reach your partner.

■Main features

- Free chat with random matching
- Free chat with user searches
- Free chat using a list of Friends
- Rich stamps, smileys, and emoticons
- Can select speech bubbles for chat
- Share image files (from camera)/location information
- User search (advanced search, LookAround)
- Favorite users function
- Block users
- Service for pending messages
- PUSH/badge message notifications
- Chat logs
- Resend sent information
- Multiple options for copying chat text
- Function that allows you to change the chat screen’s background to something of your choice

Because it operates in the same way that LINE, KakaoTalk and other popular IM apps (calls/emails) do, even first time users do not need to worry.

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